The trip that we set out on and the trip that we had envisioned were bound to be different. There was, however, no way we could have predicted the way that this trip has actually gone so far.

The level of breakdowns and other problems that we faced in the US alone was enough to test us, and to perform a genuinely impressive magic trick, turning what began as a solid amount in savings into some magical credit card debt.

Shredded Gearbox Internals:

This dynamic changed the trip for us hugely, where it was supposed to be based on savings and supplemented by on-the-road income, we would now be living paycheck to paycheck, supplemented with loan repayments. This is fine, and we still count ourselves as extremely fortunate that we are in the position to still carry on and earn on the road, rather than having to simply return home, tail between our legs, as many would in the same situation.

It is for these reasons that we have not been maintaining this blog, at least not beyond minimal social media posts. We did get excited about making videos at one point, but these too were to fall by the wayside with work commitments and travel itself.

Furthermore, the lifestyle itself, while rewarding and amazing (and as much as I would not change it), is not one that begets the most free time and creativity. When not exhausted from a long and challenging drive, lack of sleep or having to spend a few days on vehicle maintenance, time that we do have is either spent either seeing the things we are doing this to see, or paying to be able to.

While our current position is not much better, we have managed to hone our formula somewhat, and certain things have been removed from the plate, to allow us better time management. We are still not able to do everything we would like, the videos, for example, are going to have to be put on the backburner for the time being, although we will be collating footage ready for the next ‘season’. We do, however, plan to reinvigorate this blog and begin finally and regularly, telling the stories and sharing the images from our adventure on the Pan-American Highway.

We hope you will join us there.

Ross, Dee and Frankie.

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