Unfortunately, having reached Zaragoza, a recurring problem with my Land Rover resurfaced. Basically, the wheels start to shake, then it grows until I cannot control the vehicle at all. This had been happening since I had the suspension adjusted. Unfortunately, I was not about to carry on much further knowing that I could be pulled off the road at any time, so I had to lurch back over to where my parents live in the north of Spain and our trip ground to a halt before it had even really began. Having tried everything and a myriad of different opinions, and nearly 3 weeks waiting around for parts and mechanics, a local guy finally figured out that the camber and castor angles were way off, and the problem took him all of 15 mins to finally put to bed.

So finally we set of and had a great time touring the coastline of Spain, driving down beaches and camping wild underneath the stars.

Land Rover on Spain's Mediterranean Coastline

Camping in a Land Rover on a Spanish beach

Night photography on the beach

Land Rover in Spanish Desert

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