I bought my Land Rover October 2011, it is a 2002 TD5 110.

It had been a Coast Guard vehicle and therefore had some military modifications when I bought it; internal roll cage, side lockers, window cut into the side, spare wheel holders on the front and side, wing mounted long range fuel tank, wing mounted water tank with purification system.
Eddies owner at the time had added the winch and upgraded the suspension.
I got a great price for it at the time, especially as it only had 43,000 miles on it. I then took it home, took everything out of it (apart from the engine) and rebuilt it to my specification.
Technical details: Terrafirma steering guard, Terrafirma heavy duty springs, double Terrafirma shock absorbers front and rear, Terrafirma RTC steering damper. Diff guards, Superwinch EP9.5, heavy duty winch bumper, three quater length roof rack, ram style snorkle, Mantec wheel carrier, Hella roof-bar and lights.
The thing that I think people will find the most interesting is my design for the back of the car. After a lot of discussion we decided that the ability to sleep in the back of the car instead of on it would save us alot of money in the long run as we can now sleep in service stations and city centres and the like instead of paying for campsites every night.

The pictures attached should better explain the design for this: