Setting off from Northern Spain it was straight up into the mountains for a spot of off road and our first wild camp site of the trip. The view from camp was stunning and lent itself to Ansel Adams style landscape shots like the one below. In terms of events, the week was just incredibly good fun, breaking myself in to life on and off the road and training my eye to spot good wild campsites. Luckily, the Pyrenees and Northern Spain are perfect for this, and even when it was dark before we found places to sleep, we woke up in beautiful surroundings.

Off road Mountain track

black and white photo of the Pyrenees

Black and white Ansel Adams style photo of the Pyrenees

It was in these first few days that my confidence in a defender as the right choice of vehicle was confirmed, it’s a great feeling seeing a spot to camp over a river and then simply driving through the river to get there. One night we even camped very near the base of a hydro-electric Dam, spectacular to walk around and the spray is lovely to cool you down as you get out of a sweaty Land Rover.

Hydro-electric damm in Spain

Getting sprayed by hydro-electric power

The tracks in the area are great and even in the showers and on balding all terrain tyres I was fine, the nearest I got to getting stuck was in Andorra. That, however, was my choice. There were some sort of tracks as you can see in the picture below leading to an idyllic campsite for the night. Andorra is perfect for off road and wild camping as you can follow tracks and pistes up and down whole mountains and get miles away from the nearby towns.

Off road in Andorra with a Land Rover Defender

Off roading in Andorra

Having spent a night in the middle of a perfect and secluded valley, we awoke to grazing horses passing by. Why stay in hotels and miss out on making your breakfast while petting an inquisitive wild pony?
Wild ponies in Andorra

Waking up to Andorra’s wild ponies