After that it was on to Tafraoute, and my favourite place in Morocco. My view may have been warped thanks to Abrahim, but it was still a lovely place. It’s a small village in the Anti-Atlas, and as soon as we hit town we decided to go and grab a bite to eat, it was in this restaurant that we met Abrahim, a local guy who then served as our friend and guide for the rest of the trip. We first met him when he came and sat with us after our meal, but we ended up chatting for hours.

Over the following days we did a lot of hiking, to the painted rocks, Napoleon’s Hat and the other sights in the area. Below are a few pictures of this:

Painted trees in Tafraoute

Stained glass doorway

Moroccan squirrel in Atlas Mountains

Finally we started to head homewards, via Marrakech which was like a whole different world compared to the rest of Morocco, completely westernised and with droves of weekend visitors. The best photos here, were to be taken through a zoom lens.

Moroccan street vendor in black and white

Snake charmer on Marrakech Main Square

Orange juice vendor, Morocco

Moroccan shoe shops, Marrakech

The highlight for me was definitely buying Sanchez, a baby chameleon, originally intended to help keep the mosquitos at bay, but I quickly became attached to him, and he is now part of the family living at my parents house in Spain. Look how happy (and tired) I look:

 Chameleon, Marrakech