While on the drive between the mountains and the Bardenas Reales in the north of the Navarra region, we noticed a surreal long abandoned village on a mountain side. The place had evidently never had a road leading to it, and the track that did was little more than a footpath, but we plowed the Landy up as far as was reasonable and walked.

It was entirely worth it and was a surreal experience, maybe 100 houses, churches, barns and other buildings crumbling away. All but one house in the centre of the town which had music playing from an old gramophone outside, and still had one old man living in it. Far from being the horror film scenario, he was actually very pleasant, unfortunately my Spanish was not good enough to work out why the town was left so abruptly, but still an interesting experience. Here are a couple of my favourite shots:


Old wooden door way

Door in abandoned village

View through window

View through the window of an abandoned farmhouse

The last stop of the first week was the Bardenas, a semi-desert micro-climate in northern Spain. Really interesting place, as is a strange mixture of military base and tourist attraction. It was, however, a stunning landscape and gave me my favourite image of the trip so far.

Bardenas Reales building

Small dwelling in the Bardenas Reales

Offroad Bardenas Reales Desert

Offroading in Spain’s Bardenas Reales Desert

Bardenas Reales Desert Spain

Bardenas Reales Peak

 And so the first week of our travels were complete, rather uneventful, but a great gentle and fun way to break us into spending the next weeks and months on the road.