“I hate to see world travellers like yourself not being able to explore due to vehicle issues”, Ann said to us as we returned defeated and exhausted from our sunday afternoon 16 mile effort to reach a decent viewpoint on the side of the mountain.

“Tell you what, tomorrow y’all can jump in the back of the truck and we’ll drive you up there”,we have been limited to the distances that our feet could carry us, and with the snow-capped peaks of the rockies tantalisingly out of distance for the last week or so, the offer was very readily accepted.

So on a cool and temperate Colorado night, we grabbed a few beers and a camera, and with Zac Brown hammering out the stereo jumped in our ride, and started blasting over the plains.

Flying down a dirt road with country music blasting is about the happiest i can be, so it was awesome to get to do that in a completely different way to being in the drivers seat. You get to see more, smell and feel more sitting in the back of a pickup. Im not saying that i would trade in the drivers seat of the cruiser for the back of a truck, but i certainly enjoyed the experience.


We stopped at the first location to look back over the plains and mountains beyond, and enjoy a view that could only be properly shown to us by a local. It took a local to show us the roads and trails that led here and it took us a local to explain the nuances of the view and land and make us appreciate it in a way that a foreign traveller never could.





As sun began to set, we reached the highest point that we would manage on this outing, and enjoyed a beer, whilst looking at a view that spectacular. We were also given the local insight over the roads that we will be able to take once we get our vehicles back up to code. We had managed it up this far in a 2 wheel drive truck. It would take 4wd and high clearance to make it up further, but we are excited to push the cruiser to their limits and see how much further we can make it!


After several stops, we flew back down the dirt roads, with the rockies in the background, the plains and sunset infront, a cloud of dust around and country blowing back from the stereo, we flew home down the dirt roads and back towards the campground.

The views, which would have been amazing regardless of the weather, was made amazing by the light cloud cover and the light at that time of day. The unique way of seeing it all from the back of a truck, and with the insight and passion of the locals, made the whole experience truly unforgettable.



We were dropped off back at the cruisers, with the invite to join later to try a bit of local apple pie moonshine. I look forward to letting you know how that goes!