Bucket List:

Ross’s List:

Spend a Reasonable amount of time (2 weeks +)  in every country in the world. (31/195) 

Be 100% fluent in Spanish

Be Location Independent

Build a log cabin

Bull Run in Pamplona

Catch a fish heavier than me

Cross the USA Coast to Coast

Swim with a whale shark

Freedive for more than 2 minutes

Cage dive with a Great White

Distill Whisky & Beer from scratch

Drive from the UK to Cape town

Drive in the Sahara

Drive the Road of Bones, The Death Road, The Amazon Highway and the BAM

Enter the Paris-Dakar

Get a book Published

Live fully off-Grid

Get a Tattoo

Get my car shipped somewhere in the world

Kayak the length of a great river

Lean to Sail

Learn to Kite-Surf

Learn to play the Bongos

Learn to Scuba Dive

Learn to surf

Learn to tan leather + make jerky

Learn Web design

Visit the Galapagos

Sit on the edge of an active volcano

Find some treasure

Own a Kangal (Turkish Shepherd Dog)

Spend a night at Ruta 36

Live in a city

Not Want anything at all.

Read the top 100 novels of all time

Restore a VW Camper Van.

See Macchu Picchu

See the Northern lights

Ski in the Andes

Ski the Valley Blanche



Start a business

Start a Website

Survive a month in the wilderness unassisted

Walk the Camino de Santiago

Visit Space

Win a fight

Win big in a Casino

Design and build a vehicle from the ground up.

Start and run a charity

Have a published photo in National geographic