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So, you have visited the site, you’ve seen the homepage, or read a blog post, and now you want to learn a little more about us, what makes us tick, what we are doing and why we are doing it. Great, thanks for your interest! 

First things first, meet the team: 




Driver | Writer | Dog Walker

 A writer without a purpose. A traveller without a destination. A lover without a stopwatch.

He thinks of the words he writes as little pieces of his soul that he puts to paper as gifts to his readers.

Or, y’know, he is a guy who travels a lot enjoys writing a bit in his spare time. Some have said he is not terrible at it. Others disagree.

Im joking of course, I have no delisions of grandeur, but I try hard, I try to make this a reality in every way I can, and plan for a future that does not call for this lifestyle to end. 



Navigator | Chef | Worrier

Dee is fearless. So much so that it worries her, it worries her so much that she has to worry about other things. She worries about them more than she would if she wasnt so damn fearless. 

It only took one little camping trip to draw dee into this lifestyle and now she cannot imagine another. 

Without Dee, this trip would be little more than a global bar crawl. She is the planner, the navigator and the worrier, using he powers to free Ross up to not worry, and keep writing, when he isnt escorting her to the bathroom because it is ‘too dark’. 



Hound | Mascot | Escape Artist

We found the hound all skin and bones by the side of a lake in the Macedonian countryside. 

He was a stray that had to fight to survive, and now he refuses to sleep unless he is comfortable on a cushion. 

He travels the world with us, possibly keeping us safe on occasion, mostly just hugely inconveniencing us with his runaway antics!

The hound is the mascot for the blog and rescuing him was one of the most rewarding things we have done. 

You can read more of his stories HERE

The Cruiser

The Cruiser

Home | Transport | Money Pit

Our 2001 Land Cruser HZJ78 Troopy, was, before purchase our dream overland vehicle.

In many ways it still is, but we had so many mechanical problems with it, that it has hugely and adversly affected the trip for us. 

On paper, it is still a pretty cool vehicle with the ability to go anywhere, and decked out with a multitude of fineries to make like comfortable when you do arrive. 

You can learn more about the Troopy HERE

That’s us. We work online, in a mixture of jobs; our eggs in a diverse set of baskets that cumulatively make up something like an income and just enough to keep us going. We are living our dream, living from a 4x4 out in the wild whilst slowly traveling the Americas and hopefully, afterward, the rest of the world. 

We love the lifestyle, love the challenge and the variety, the freedom, and the fun. Thanks for visiting, if there is anything else you would like to know, click the links below or send us a message! 

And don’t forget to follow along with our adventures on our social media!


Safe travels

Ross, Dee and Frankie

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