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About Us - Follow the Hound | Follow The Hound

About Us

Welcome to Follow The Hound

About this site:

This is neither trying to be a professional photography blog, nor simply a travel blog, but hopefully somewhere in between. We travel without much of a plan, but where ever possible take the least beaten track between where ever we are and where ever takes our fancy next.

Who we are:

This website is ran by Ross Rheinbach and Dinia Westlund. After finishing our respective degrees we worked, saved, bought a Land Rover, prepared it for travel ourselves, worked and saved some more, hit the road and kept going until the funds ran dry.

As soon we returned, we had planned to work, save and travel again. After a lot of discussion though we have realised that we want to be able to travel longer, further and above all slower, without the threat of money running out pushing us to see more places, rather than fully take the time to see the place we are in.

Whilst saving a base fund, we are now pushing to set up as digital nomads, funding our trip as we go along with a combination of travel writing, photography and freelance web design and SEO work and small business interests which we have set up.

We have now traded in the Land Rover for an amazing 1984 VW T3 Syncro, which we have restored and now call home.