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Welcome to Follow the Hound, the overland adventures of Ross, Dee and Frankie; our (not-so) faithful hound.

We are traveling the world in our Toyota Land Cruiser 78, currently in Colombia, after a year and a half split between the USA, Mexico and Central America. We are on the Pan-Americas Highway,  heading South through Ecuador, Peru and Chile and eventually working our way down to Argentina.

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The Route

Our Journey began with shipping our Land Cruiser from Antwerp, Belgium into Baltimore, USA in April 2016. We then drove south, through Virginia, Tenessee and Mississippi and into New Orleans, Lousiana.

Over the following months, we crossed the country further, through Arkansas, Oklahoma and Kansas and into the Rockies in Colorado. We continued north through Utah and to the Canadian Border in Wyoming before heading across to the west coast at Seattle. Finally, we completed our 6-month journey through the USA by driving south through Oregon and California, finally crossing into Mexico in San Felipe, Baja.

The following 6 months were spent exploring Baja California itself, before crossing into mainland Mexico, and driving through Guanajuato, San Miguel, and Mexico City. Finally South again, through Oaxaca, Palenque and up into the Yucatan.

Our last six months saw us exploring the small and wonderful nations of Central America, beginning in Belize, through Guatemala, El Salvador and into Honduras. Finally seeing out the rainy season in Costa Rica before finally entering Panama and shipping our vehicles to our current location here in Colombia.

The last 18 months have been spectacular and varied and given us incredible memories. As we continue south to our end goal of Usuaia at the southern tip of Argentina, we hope you will join us on this adventure of a lifetime!

The Journey So Far

The Vehicle

We Begun this lifestyle some 5 years ago in a Land Rover Defender and had some incredible times living cheaply from the old plywood bed in the back. When it became obvious that we wanted to spend more than just a few months at a time on the road, we upgraded to a VW T25 Syncro, which we restored, converted and then drove all across Europe and Turkey. Unfortunately, the old 84 van struggled under the strain of the overland lifestyle and after one too many trip-stopping breakdowns, we regretfully decided to change once more and bought the 2001 Land Cruiser HZJ78 that we now call home.

The Cruiser is a 4.2L Non-Turbo Diesel, which we converted into a micro camper, with a pop top roof, and tiny interior living space, solar panels, a fridge, on board hot water and a million other upgrades. It handles just about any terrain there is and provides us with a comfortable bed and a cold beer at the end of a long journey (provided the gearbox holds out long enough!)

You can read more about the Troopy and the build here.

Toyota Land Cruiser Troopy

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The Adventure is the Adversity

The Adventure is the Adversity

The unknown is something that you can only ever fear or embrace. The open road. The journey. Unrelenting tarmac, yourself, your few meager possessions and your ride. Nothing is more evocative of the freedom and myth of the American Dream. The romanticism of this...

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The 7 questions we’re always asked on the road

The 7 questions we’re always asked on the road

With our overland prepared, distinctive and branded Landcruiser, our happy faced hound dog, and what we hope appear as happy, friendly demeanors, we are approached by friendly strangers several times a day, wanting to know more about Overland Travel, our journey and...

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Volcan Momotombo

Volcan Momotombo

It has been rare during our time here in Central America that we have relaxed the somewhat strict set of rules we have constructed for ourselves to maintain safety in this lifestyle. Amongst the most strict of these is to never drive after dark and to make sure that...

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Punta Sal – Honduras

Punta Sal – Honduras

There has yet to be an instance on this trip, (and I hope there will not be again) in which I find myself as close to giving up on the whole thing as I was on that particular night, overlanding honduras, a small distance from Puntal Sal and the Janette Kawas National...

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El Salvador

El Salvador

“Are you not worried?”, my mum said over Skype. “Not really, it's always fine” I replied, “You talk to people, they tell you not to drive this road, don’t drive after dark, there are bandits with AK47s here on Sundays and so on”. Reflecting later on our conversation,...

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Six Things You Learn Travelling in a Group

Six Things You Learn Travelling in a Group

We decided to travel in a group during this trip and if I had to pick one question that I was probably asked most regularly, it would likely be: "wow! Four of you travel together! Do you not fight!?" My response is usually to laugh and say something non-committal...

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A few things about us


Nights on the Road

Miles Driven

Hound Escapes

Countries Visited

Here are a few of the 

Locations we’ve visited:


The USA defined the first 6 months of our Pan-American Adventure. We visited 17 states over 6 months, seeing some incredible places and meeting some awesome people along the way….

United States Read More

Central America

Central America was a defining time for us, a multitude of stunning and vibrant countries, rich and rewarding and challenging in places, these countries showcased everything that Overland travel should be about…

Central Read More


The Old stomping ground, our home continent, and the setting for our first three overland trips. We are lucky enough to have visited nearly every country in Europe, and have some great stories to tell…

East to West Read More

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Older posts from earlier trips!

Blast from the past:

Wild Bison in Białowieża

Europe was once a postcard of biological diversity, with an abundance of wild beasts roaming free...

Wieliczka Salt Mines

Descending the first 433 wooden stairs into the Wieliczka salt mines is a disorientating...

The Hill Of Crosses

Hill of crosses Established in 1831 the hill first stood as a monument to religious defiance in...

Gallery Post: Slovakian Mountain Lakes in the High Tatras

If a picture is worth 1000 words, then what follows is a short novel regarding our recent trek up...

Exploring The Ruins of a Soviet Prison.

The Murru Prison Quarry was established in 1938 under the Soviet occupation of the Baltic states....

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Our Time on Lake Atitlan

We decided to visit Lake Atitlan! The huge and spectacular Lago Atitlan was quickly to become our home away from home. We had been on a quick time limit to reach the town of San Pedro. As we were booked in for a few weeks of Spanish lessons, where we would stay with a...

Overland Guatemala – The Highlights

Think you might want to overland Guatemala? Here's a post highlighting our favourite parts about time driving through this amazing country! Guatemala was wonderful, for me, it was a true highlight of the trip, perfect weather, delightful locals and scenery and variety...


Borders, Barges and Belkin. Our week in Belize. Entering Belize was a little complicated; initially helpful border officials and the shift in national language from Spanish to English meant us progressing at lightning pace until it became time to clear the dog and his...

We’re back!

The trip that we set out on and the trip that we had envisioned were bound to be different. There was, however, no way we could have predicted the way that this trip has actually gone so far. The level of breakdowns and other problems that we faced in the US alone was...

Monochrome Memories: USA

Our journey across the United States took us 179 days. Over 12000 Miles. 700 gallons of fuel. 3 gearboxes. Having now spent 3 months enjoying everything Mexico has to offer and with time to reflect on our time there I wanted to take those numbers and reduce them down...

Guanajuato, Pueblo Magico, Mexico

Pulling into the obscure labyrinth of streets in this historic city was an otherworldly experience. The warren of tunnels and overhanging buildings rendered our GPS immediately useless and within minutes we were gleefully lost. We later learned that the tunnels were...

Six Things You Learn Visiting Home During a Long Term Trip.

One of the (admittedly few) curses of the long term traveller, is the overall inability to spend much, if any time with family and friends. This year, having been away for nine months, I was lucky enough to get a flight back to the UK to spend ten days with good...

Follow The Hound: Episode One; Baja Days

So, the first episode of our new travel series is finally here! We are hoping to make this a regular series, capturing the essence of life on the road as we live it. This is only episode one, so it is a little rough around the edges, but we think it is pretty good...

Gallery Post – Pismo beach, California

Pismo was a place reccomended to us by some other Cruiser fans. It is a beach in Southern California, with public vehicular access to the dunes, with our vehicles newly repaired by Valley Hybrids and in better condition than they had been when we left, we decided the...

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